Pharmacy Start-Up
Assured Financing Program
Securing funding for an established business with a history of earnings is a relatively easy task compared to the process for a start-up. Many get discouraged and abandon their dreams of owning their own business and securing their future. With no disrespect intended, in the world of lending, there is no such gap as large as that between what a new business owner is taking on and what they know about it.
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Financing your start-up

Lenders proceed very trepidatiously when considering financing a start-up; even one as seemingly risk-free as a pharmacy. What they know is that even drugstores fail and the first three years are the most onerous. What certainly mitigates the risk involved in this particular type of start-up, is having the sage advice of seasoned consultants. The unfortunate situation is that most would-be business owners feel they can not afford this “luxury.” The reality is that they can’t afford not to seek guidance, and the banks feel the same way.

Enter our assured financing program as a solution. Imagine having the best of both worlds, funding for your business and a mentor to guide you through the initial pitfalls of starting your new pharmacy. We have conferred with pharmacy business lenders and have developed a unique three-phase program.  The business owner can amortize the consultant fees by way of financing, and that loan is approved because of the risk mitigating factors imparted by using the consultant.
There is no gap as large as that between what a new business owner is taking on and what they know about it.
Finance Your Pharmacy
The program involves three distinct phases. Phase I involves the scrutiny of the site options, preparation of the business plan, setting goals and analysis of projections with an industry expert. Phase II is onboarding with a subject matter expert who acts a resource as the pharmacy is built. In phase III the mentor - typically a previous pharmacy owner - provides guidance through the most challenging months; maintaining contact and providing support where needed. At the end of each fiscal year, the owner, the mentor, and consultant convene to review the year, set goals for the upcoming year and revise and update the business plan for the lender. ​  
Finance Start-Up
Through the Enterprise Valuators’ Pharmacy Edge – Assured Financing Program, the lender mitigates their risk of the start-up and benefits from the preparation of expertly developed business plans, quality of earnings reports, and realistic projections.  The business owner gets the elusive financing they need and is provided with guidance that boosts their likelihood of success.
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