Financing your pharmacy purchase.
Pharmacy Edge can help you determine a fair purchase price and secure financing for the deal through our business plan development strategy. Are you unsure of what to look for in your due diligence process? We can assist you with this as well. You can also look to us for negotiation, deal structuring,  and post-deal transitional support and strategy.  
You can find some preliminary information regarding financing on this page. But perhaps you want to fast forward to see what is available:

Financing your purchase

Financing a business purchase is quite a bit different than other types of loans. Often in a business purchase the proportion of non-tangibles to tangibles is quite high. This fact often precludes the use of traditional lenders to fund your purchase. The non-tangible portion is often referred to as the "Goodwill" of the business. 
Fortunately, the risk of purchasing a pharmacy is low comparatively and thus, this goodwill is considered a good investement by some non-traditional lenders. Unfortunately the rates will be higher but there are other considerable benefits beyond this. 
The most obvious benefit of this non-traditional borrowing is the fact that you can actually purchase the business and get on with the next part of your career. The other benefit, is that the portion of equity required by you is quite low and in some cases non-existent. For more information on this, please contact us , we would be happy to hear from you. 
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