Comprehensive Valuation
This level of valuation is most appropriate whenever CRA or a court is either involved or could potentially get involved.
A comprehensive valuation report is prepared by a Certified Valuation Analyst and contains a conclusion as to the value of shares, assets or an interest in a business that is based on a comprehensive review and analysis of your pharmacy and all other relevant factors.  A great deal of care and attention is taken and a very detailed Valuation Report is provided to you. This level of valuation is most appropriate whenever CRA or a court is either involved or could potentially be involved in the future. The following are examples of where a comprehensive valuation report would be needed: estate planning, divorce proceedings, tax planning, corporate reorganization, and ownership transfer to employees or shareholder dispute resolution. 
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Estimate Type Valuation
An comphrehensive valuation will typically cost $15,000 and up. This cost will depend on the quality of information provided and the complexity of the business. In addition to the consultative services of a CBV, it may require the additional services of a building appraiser. We will require the following items to prepare your valuation and we will provide you with a questionaire and checklist to fill out.  In addition, some due diligence may be required and this may include on on-site visit. 
  • 5 years of financials plus YTD 
  • 5 years of Rx reports plus YTD
  • 5 years front sales plus YTD
  • Copy of Lease
  • Type of store (clinic/retail/other)
  • Building ownership details
  • Building value estimate
  • Building details
  • Generic purchases report
  • Location description
  • Banner agreement
  • Population details
  • Contract details
  • Floor plans
  • Doctor and Hospital details
  • Operating Name
  • Dispensing fee details
  • Compliance packaging details
  • Methadone details
  • Dispensary system
  • Website Details
  • Building appraisal
  • Legal structure
  • Questionaire
  • Legal name
  • Address
  • Phone and Fax number
  • Hours of operation
  • Banner details
  • Dispensary Inventory
  • Generic inventory
  • Front store inventory
  • Giftware inventory
  • AR details
  • AP details
  • Lottery Details
  • Post office details
  • Other product line details
  • Loan details
  • Generic rebate details
  • Professional services details
  • Staffing details
  • Projection estimates
  • Potential opportunites?
  • Name of lawyer 
  • Name of accountant
  • Store licence number
  • Accounting software name
Contact us regarding a Comprehensive Type Valuation:
We will reply and provide an estimate of this type of valuation and provide you with a questionaire and checklist. In the meantime, you can start working on the above list. 
Type of Valuation you require
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